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Thursday Plantation: Do you know the story behind the name?

In the 1970’s a man named Eric White had an insatiable fascination with the curative properties of
Tea Tree Oil. Passionate and driven to prove its medicinal value, he began sampling the different types of Tea Trees found naturally in Northern New South Wales in Australia. Through his studies he was able to reveal that it is the foliage of one particular species found in the Bungawalbin wetlands out of almost 300 Tea Tree varieties that provides for the highest quality oil.

Convinced of his findings and determined to try something no one else has started, Eric lobbied the government for a crown lease to develop the world’s first commercial Tea Tree plantation. Finally, afer years of research and lobbying, the crown lease was delivered in the post, arriving on a Thursday in 1976.

Despite hardship, floods and illness, Eric’s intrinsic belief in the medicinal power of Tea Tree Oil sparked passion in his family, with stepson Christopher Dean and his wife Linda joining his dream. They hand-filled their very first 13 gallons of oil into little bottles with hand-drawn labels and sold 7 bottles of Tea Tree Oil to 7 customers at the local markets. Having discovered the curative benefits of the pure oil for themselves, the very next time the same people returned. They bought 30 bottles.

This was the start of realizing Eric’s dream to share the medicinal value of Tea Tree Oil.